Ex-FC Barcelona executives: Clubs should generate more revenue directly from fans

Robert Kidd / 18-03-2022

  • Guillem Graell and Enric Llopart, the former CMO and digital director at the Catalan club, have launched D2F Partners to “design, operate and fund direct-to-fan brands” in sport and entertainment.
  • Clubs need to create a brand that “transcends football” to build engagement with fans before trying to generate revenue from them: “Most clubs believe they are super connected with their fans … that’s totally not true.”
  • Why it matters: As clubs attempt to increase revenue beyond the three traditional pillars – broadcast, matchday and sponsorship – there is a focus on increasing revenue per fan.
  • The perspective: Graell and Llopart oversaw FC Barcelona’s efforts to drive revenue direct from fans. But what is the opportunity and strategy for smaller clubs?

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